Story behind picture: This man was selling lemons and was begging to buy some lemons from him so that he can feed himself .(Nagpur’s cotton market)

The waste you throw out with your plate

As soon as tongue feels lesser taste

Someday you’ll regret your waste.

As many days and nights went in pain

With wet eyes praying for rain

For us to have that piece of grain.

Many earn it by trading days full of sweat

Still it won’t even fill part of the plate

For it being thrown with the wrong plate.

Whenever you throw the food in drain

Its one’s sweat and tears you put in vain

Don’t let your tongue be a social bane.

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Somewhere a mother serves an extra plate of food, thinking what if her missing son found his way back home, hungry and tired.

Somewhere a mother gazes up at the night sky, wondering how we are searching for life elsewhere when we don’t even know where our dead are buried on earth.

Somewhere a mother looks at the sea and hums a prayer, her words float over the waves like petals hoping her children sail to safety in their refugee boat.

Somewhere a mother keeps the door unlocked every night, they took her son, what more can one be robbed off.

Somewhere a mother sings lullabies to an empty room each night, hoping her son will wake up from his unknown grave one day.

Everywhere a mother’s hope is kept alive because love doesn’t give up

I stand staring at Dal counting how many raindrops is it made of What will be the magnitude of the flood if the silent cries of our mothers started to fall as tears.

Dal Lake(2002)
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This pandemic

(picture from pinterest)

this pandemic called love

how rather than finding a cure we honour it with poetry

this pandemic called love

how many hearts has it killed?

how many memories are its victims?

this pandemic called love

how we fear it and then fearlessly expose ourselves to it?

this pandemic called love

how it puts our entire past into quarantine?

this pandemic called love

how we let it infect our solitude and peace?

this pandemic called love is what makes you breathe hope on which your heartbeats often choke

this pandemic called love how art becomes its remedy and we sacrifice more of ourselves in dreams of forevers and infinities.

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Let just.

(picture from pinterest)

Softly I would like to begin to touch your smiles..
like the wind plays with the clouds and the clouds with the rain..

i like to paint the sky with the colour of your happiness..

with your hands in the pocket of our memories
i want to journey through every circumstances nd hold you on the other side of every sunset..

let just keep our hearts close
And watch Everyplace become our home..

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I’ll continue..

“I have heard the knock on my heart’s door and find myself standing outside waiting to be let in.

you enter my life not alone but you bring back the parts of me that i have long forgotten and lost.

the light in your eyes has guided me through the darkness of my heart.

i have sustained an unquenchable thirst for the opium of your lips that are addictive and intoxicating.

i am in love with the way you place your hands in mine and together we bow in gratitude for the gifts of love that the universe has bestowed upon our hearts.

you ask me what will i do the day you break my heart and walk out of my life’s door.

my beloved, it doesn’t matter if you leave or stay.

with my mad heart i will continue to love you more with each passing day.

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