Meet Me There.

if you cannot travel the world don’t worry, the best lessons in life are mostly learned at home.

there are the same number of words in the dictionaries of the world that can help me to either reveal or hide myself through these poems.

today i remain somewhere in between of being lost and found. come meet me there.

how often do you fool the mirror with your smile?

Jean-Paul Sartre said “existence before essence” overthrowing the traditional view of the supremacy of essence over existence. in my simplistic view i tried to merge the two. everything that exists is a manifestation of love and love is the essence of everything that exists. love is the only view of my world.

when I look into her eyes, i witness the birth of a star in the cradle of the night. Suno! you are a universe in the shape of love – my essence, my life.

if you are searching for a home perhaps you are knocking at the wrong door open your heart and welcome yourself in.

there is no temporary cure to madness, but there is a permanent one. write poetry. it doesn’t do away with insanity. rather it teaches you how to artistically embrace it as an extension of yourself.

Still , every night i fail to translate my paradise.

if love and hurt are the opposite ends of a rope hold the ends together and turn them into a circle. Where love begins hurt ends. where hurt begins love begins too. who said love has to end?

man is differentiated on his rational ability, but we often forget to align the vastness of our intellect with the infinity that lies in our hearts. intellectual capacity sets us aside. however love acts as a common denominator to remind us of our equality with everything in nature to maintain harmony in our existence.

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